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You guys, I have mixed feelings about Autumn turning two months old. I’ve been excited to watch her grow, but I know that her next doctor’s appointment means that she’s getting her first shots. I’ve told my hubby from the beginning that I’m gonna need him to be there. I’m so not looking forward to it.

  • Baby girl is 10lbs 7oz, 23 inches long. I couldn’t believe she hit 10lbs!
  • Autumn lifts and turns her head during tummy time. I haven’t been awesome at remembering to schedule tummy time into our daily routine. Oops! Mayyybe it’s because she wails every time. Who knows 😉 We’ll get there. No worries.
  • We’ve been trying to get Autumn on a sleep schedule, and it’s been going pretty well. It’s been a little difficult to just let her cry at times and we have been a little quicker to pick her up when we have overnight guests.

Baby crossing legs

  • She’s still smiling and cooing at us. I love it, but my favorite expression she gives is the cutest little frown. One of my goals in life is to photograph her frown because she does it so quick between cries that I haven’t been able to catch it. Yes, I’ve photographed her while she cries. Does that make me a bad mom? 🙂
  • Baby girl loves car rides. She drifts right to sleep…so we love car rides too. 😉
  • Her first road trips were to Charlotte to visit her grandparents and to Lynchburg so that our friends and church family in Virginia could meet her.
  • Autumn had been going to church! My hubby was hesitant to bring her to church because he didn’t want people to swarm her (understandable). Now that she’s a bit older, we’ve been taking her to church in her babywrap and she does great!

Babywearing Autumn

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