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Raleigh newborn baby photography

It’s hard to believe that this time last week I was holding my beautiful baby girl in my arms for the first time after months and months of waiting. I’m sure I’ll be saying this over and over again, but I’m pretty sure that I blinked and a week of her life had passed! I’m still saving Baby Girl’s birth story for her first birthday, and my Mr. and I are keeping her precious face off of social media for the time being. Everyone’s going back and forth on who she looks like. I still think she is a spitting image of my hubby. They even have the same feet! Who knows? Maybe she’ll switch it up and start to look like me. So far, I know for sure that she has my dimples!

This week, we’ve been soaking in all the snuggles and learning as much as we can about our little girl. Breastfeeding is a challenge I didn’t foresee. Latching was a struggle from the beginning. Autumn lost 12% of her body weight within the first week. So, her pediatrician has me supplementing with Enfamil and we saw a lactation specialist to help. I’m trying to stay positive and remember that we’re learning together. I’m willing to try for as long as she is. We’re still trying to get the hang of latching on correctly each time. Aside from breastfeeding and napping when I can, I’ve been staring at her as much as can. I don’t want to miss a moment. Here’s what we’re learning about Autumn so far:

  •  It has been crazy to see how much of her we had already gotten to know through her ultrasounds — her crazy hiccups, the way she keeps her mitts up like a boxer, and even how she loves to sit with her ankles crossed.
  • She loves to sleep on our chests. Baby girl is a snuggler. Works for me! 🙂
  • She doesn’t like laying on her back. Even though she’s only a week old, she will roll to her side before she lets herself fall asleep.
  • She likes music and is amused at Mommy’s attempts at dancing. At least someone thinks I’m funny 😉
  • Baby girl loves to eat! Like, she will have a meltdown if I’m not fast enough with getting it to her. Um, Baby Girl, I feel you. She gets it from her mama 😉

There’s still so much to learn about this precious little girl. Her grandparents and aunts are in love already. Now that our families have gone back home, we are getting some quality time together to see what our new normal will be.

Grandpa and Newborn lifestyle photography

My Father Holding Autumn

If this first week has taught me anything, it’s that I can’t take a moment for granted. I haven’t been great at picking up my camera this first week, but I’m going to kick it into high gear now that I’m feeling better. I’m doing my best to take in one day at a time and not be too eager for her to walk and talk and feed herself. I’m enjoying all of her firsts and getting to know who she is.

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